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RVPlasticParts LLC

Custom printed plastic service for Van's Aircraft

Custom Printed Gust Locks with a perfect aircraft protection record.
Will not damage the aircraft by overloading the flight controls.  Plastic or metal web. The plastic will not scratch paint.  Increased aircraft value.

Simplicity is the art in design

rudder lock.PNG
RV-10 LHS.png

Solar Eclipse 2017 Photo from RV9A  N531EM

GPS Dock 1 Advertisement.png


All parts are created with a 3D Printer.  Feel free to send us an idea for a part if you have a specific request. Send email to   Part costs are based on print time.  We typically only have a few parts in inventory and print on demand.  The time to ship is 2 to 7 days.


If you need a headset control mount that we don't offer, send us your avionics and attachment cables or headset and we will make you one for FREE in order to have the pattern.  Turn time is two weeks.   


Plastic materials:

Plastic materials are currently: ABS, ASA, Polycarbonate, PET-G, and Nylon Graphite.  If ABS parts are exposed to direct sunlight they can be spray painted with a light coat of UV resistant enamel paint (Rust-Oleum) without acetone for protection, although, we have not seen ABS UV degradation on unpainted parts for a normal hangared airplane.  Our installed ABS parts are not painted and have been flying for several years.  Many parts are printed with ASA plastic material that is UV resistant. PET-G parts are fully resistant to acetone and fuels. 

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