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RV6, 7, 9 Roll Bar Hand Grip

The Hand Grip attaches to the roll bar using 3M Dual Lock and provides a secure grip for cockpit entry.  Plastic material and 3M Dual Lock are high temp rated.  Plastic material is UV resistant.   Fits either left or right hand side.  Plastic hand grip weight = 43 grams.  Especially good when it's wet or you have a folding bike bag on your shoulder, or both. 


Installation:  Mark the location on the roll bar +1/2 inch wider with tape at approximately 45 degrees.  Scuff the inside of the aft leg of the hand grip plastic where the 3M Dual Lock is to be applied for best adhesion.   Place 2 strips of  1" dual lock onto scuffed area of the hand grip in the horizotal direction.  Place the grip at the desired position and flex the aft leg of the grip away from the aft side of the roll bar and slide the grip into position.  Ensure the grip inside radius is flush to the roll bar and release the aft side to allow the 3M Dual Lock to contact the aft side of the roll bar.  Installation time is 15 minutes.  

RV6, 7, 9 Roll Bar Hand Grip

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