Elevator Gust Lock Set RV-10, Custom Printed

A proven device to secure elevators and provides a mounting point to secure the rudder.  Material is polycarbonate plastic that is weather resistant and sun resistant. Both left and right sides are included with the order. Go to the documentation page for instructions on how to get your measurements. For airplane planes that exceed these dimensions send an email.  The gust locks will not scratch paint. Thin web version pull tested to 300 lb. The N number can be added to part with no extra cost.  Recommend to use 1/4 inch Dyneema rope or similar stiff rope to secure the gust locks.


The elevator horn to fairing gap measurement determines the gust lock web thickness: 

gap less than .070-inch, will not fit

gap less than .150-inch, choose .068-inch web

gap between  .150-inch and .200-inch chose .098-inch web

gap between .200-inch and .250-inch choose .125-inch web


Elevator Gust Lock Set RV-10, Custom Printed