Small wheel chock to maximize stopping ability for 4.00-5 tire.   Height = 1.5 inch, width = 4.5 inches, weight = 0.19 lb (86 grams).   Designed to maximize stopping force in conjunction with the forward motion of the 5.00-5 main wheel tire by equalized loading to all tires.   N-number engraving.  Material is UV resistant plastic.  See a larger view of the 5.00-5 tire testing data in pdf format in the Documentation/Installation link at the top of the page.    Raised areas on fwd face identify the 4.00 chock by touch.  This price is for one chock.. and in this case it means one piece. If you wish to chock both the front side and back side of the tire you would need two chocks.

Wheel Chock for 4.00-5 Tire (RV Nose Wheel)


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