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RV12 Rudder Pedal Extensions

Rudder pedal extension for proper foot placement.  Sit in the aircraft, place a piece of wood or something between your foot and the bar to understand the offset you need.  Same overall dimensions as Van's original design but improved material allows the depth to be increased.   Comes with AN4-17A bolts, you supply the nuts.  Material is high strength nylon / carbon fiber.   Five print processes are used,  solid around the bolt hole and tapering internaly to the edges, all internal cavities are reinforced with crosshatch.   The extensions are annealed at 250F for 2 hrs to relieve residual stresses and provide higher strength.  Tested in the weakest axis from end to end, unsupported from the bar, guaranteed to over 500 lb sustained loading capability.  The version tested was the 1.3 inch offset.   The foot will never exceed the extension strength capability.   Color is black.   Pricing is adjusted for selected offset length for material cost.  Extension weight = 45 grams not including bolt and nut.    If you want to fit both pilot and copilot side you need to order quantity two.


The pedal extension distance is measured from the metal tube outer surface to the foot contact point on the pedal extension.  You can place a piece of wood or something under your foot and against the metal tube to understand what offset distance works best for you.   Then order that distance. 

RV12 Rudder Pedal Extensions

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