The panel dock shown replaced an AVMap IV to an exact fit.  No panel cutout change was required and was installed in 30 minutes.  That led me to the thought of the possibility of a custom sized panel mount to eliminate the need to modify the panel if the existing cutout is large enough.  Select the outer rectangular dimensions of your cutout to have a custom panel mount printed and elimiante the hassle of modifying the panel.  The panel dock dimensions in the photo that replaced my AVMap IV are 7.680 x 5.620 inch.  Minimum panel dock dimensions are 7.680 x 5.600 inch.   Dimpled iinternal hole markers for drilling.  Clearance to drill holes from internals.  Wide area to fit to existing holes if desired.  Mounts with four screws to either the sides or top and bottom.   Material is ASA UV resistant plastic.   Dimensional accuracy within +/- .010 inch. 

iFly 740 Panel Dock Custom Outer Dimensions Available

.250 Inch Raised Side Hand Rest

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