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You get the option of the color on the main part of the fairings. The main part being the 6 unique fairings and aft fairings. Meaning that if you chose gray the color of the 6 Unique Fairings and 6 Aft Fairings will be gray. When you buy remember to download the instructions from the documentation/installation page. Use the Castle nuts you already have installed


What you get:

6 Unique Fairings 

6 Aft Fairings 

3 Red  Left Nut Buttons

3 Green Right Nut Buttons

3 Red Left Head Buttons

3 Green Right Nut Buttons

6 AN 4-6 bolt

6 Cotter Pins


Time it takes to print:

18 hours


RV-9 Flap Bracket Fairing Set With Hardware


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