Bogi-Bar Tow Bar Brackets - RV14A Nosewheel

Bogi-Bar Tow bar brackets for baggage bulkhead.  All flanges, webs and hooks are printed solidly.  Option to drill uppmost  brackets for a retaining pin (suggested pin diameter .25 inch and McMaster-Carr P/N below) or choose your own pins or opt for no pins.  The pin hole location is dimpled on the backside of the bracket to locate.  Option to purchase with holes and pins included is available.  Compact design, easy to install, easy to stow tow bar.  The baggage area can be a busy place at times, the brackets were designed to be as snag free as possible and are robust.  Material is UV resistant plastic.  Mounts to the same screw locations as the bulkhead.  Six AN525-832-R10 screws are  included for installation.  These parts are printed with a large nozzle for economy so the finish is not as smooth as our other parts but they are very strong.  Time to install = 5 minutes. 


The installed brackets side to side orientation can be reversed to orient the tow bar handle direction downwards, if desired. 


McMaster-Carr retaining pins P/N



A nut location on the sides of the uppermost brackets is included for a attaching a lanyard for the retaining pins, if desired. 


Tow bar weight = 3.5 lb.   Bracket weight = .5 lb.   So, you have 4 lb total mounted on the baggage bulk head.




Bogi-Bar Tow Bar Brackets - RV14A Nosewheel